"Jerry Corley tears down the wall of ignorance and rips open the sphincter of political correctness, teaching us all that we are indeed allowed to laugh at one another while being proud of our differences."

--John Altobello III

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"Another Standing Ovation..."

Jerry Corley has been performing and writing comedy for 17 years.   Deftly using humor to bridge the gaps that separate all of us, Corley's keen ability and cutting wit has been pleasing audiences all over the country, often leaving them standing on their feet wanting more.   Nobody and nothing is free from ridicule as Corley gets to work shattering the political correctness barrier.   He revs his socio-political engine sending the laugh meter to the red-line in such rapid-fire succession, while on a disciplined course toward inclusiveness, that even the most sensitive of audiences are too busy laughing to risk being offended.   And he keeps them in side-splitting laughter right to the finish line!   This comedian pulls no punches, taking on everything from free speech, to religion, to politics.   Black or White; Gay or Straight; the iconoclastic Corley shares his progressive message in such a pure way—through laugh-packed humor with a surprise ending—that it leaves you feeling that you were just hit with an All-American wallop!   He's cutting.   He's Patriotic.   But best of all he's hysterical!

More History Major Appearances

Born in New York City, a son of a character actor.   Jerry Corley learned at an early age how to be funny.   "Mostly to save my ass from getting kicked."

"There's an old saying, 'It's hard to dislike someone who makes you laugh'," says Corley.   "I grew up in a tough neighborhood and used to deliver newspapers.   It took my brother and I to do the job.   It went something like: 'I'm goin' to that house...cover me!'"

Being in an entertainment family helped Corley learn to use his sense of humor to get through life.   Comedy wasn't always his first choice.   His dream was to play professional soccer, and he did--"for a short period of time as it was a game of skill"--until his knee was blown out by a rogue Irishman.   "I was playing on an all-Mexican team and scored a couple of goals and the Irish didn't like the red-head scoring against them so they took me out."

Soccer's loss was comedy's gain as Corley has appeared on numerous comedy shows including A&E's "An Evening at the Improv", HBO, and more.   He even enjoyed a stint as a contributing writer to the Tonight Show and ran a writer's forum at the exclusive Friar's Club in Beverly Hills, CA.

Jerry Corley has opened for Brooks and Dunn, The Righteous Brothers, Kenny G and many others; worked as the warm-up comedian for Murphy Brown and Wings; and has performed for Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Intel and many, many more and is often asked to come back to perform again many times in the same year.

Plus, Jerry has appeared on:
  • A&E's An Evening at the Improv
  • VH1s Stand-Up Spotlight
  • HBO's Comedy Cuts
  • Comedy Central's Too Hot for the Road
  • NBCs Late Night Comedy
  • WBs Morning Edition
  • Murphy Brown
  • Married With Children
  • Live in L.A.
  • Good Morning San Francisco - KTLA

Grab him now, before his price rises to a level outside your budget!

Jerry Corley IS the Joke Doctor!

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